in Manchester
architectural building design
This is the initial design, proposals preparation and application for planning and
building regulations approval stage.This stage contains many sub-divisions they
are categorized as:

Ensuring our designs fulfil your criteria and that all requirements are achieved
to an impressive standard.
Definition of the project brief and client requirements. Survey of the existing site
and production of existing drawings as a base forproject development.
Preparation and submission of the Planning Permission Applications and/or
the Building Regulations Approval Applications. Many variables can effect
the development of the project at this stage, ranging from the condition of the
property to the importance of the property to the local area and the historical
background of the building.

As we have an array of experience we feel we are well equipped to deal with
all types of design issues, structural dilemmas and national, regional and
local planning policies.

brief definition and site analysis
design development

securing statutory approvals

...links together
harmony, function,
beauty & practicality.